Are you ready?

With the way our world is heading, I have a question for you.  Are you ready?

Ready.  In that, how is your walk with GOD?


Christians are getting persecuted all over the world.  Americans – I’m not talking about someone picking on you for going to church. I’m talking about Christians being killed, kidnapped, beat to near death, torn away from their families ….. all because they refuse to deny our Savior.

Where do you stand?  Do you love God more than your life? Do you KNOW Him?

I’m not even going to dare to say that we have it better here in the luxury of America, because I don’t think we do.  It’s too easy for us to be luke warm believers.  It’s so easy for our relationship with Christ to become an after thought at the end of the day, so we ‘catch up’ with Him via a bedtime prayer.  Imagine a day where all you have is your relationship in Christ – what a glorious day!

If you were approached and questioned – Would you deny God to live another day on this earth? – or – Would you follow Him, no matter the cost?

Just something to think about.




Here is a link that just touches on what’s going on in Iraq:



This topic came up in one of my groups of friends earlier …. and I just wanted to hit on this topic for all of my friends, mainly for my lady friends…

Ladies, respecting your man [as Scripture says] isn’t just publicly.  To respect your man is to uplift him, to him, in front of others, to others about him….. and it even goes beyond that – uplift him in your mind & in your heart.  He’s not perfect , neither are you .

As long as you [and him] are seeking after a relationship with Christ , you’ll always be able to find a way to show love & respect to one another & about each other.

Praying over your marriages tonight – & if you’re single, praying over your heart, that you may seek God first & that He is preparing the respect in your heart.

If you have any special prayer requests, feel free to message me, I’d be honored to pray over your marriages.

To my man, Thank you for an amazing six years of marriage – for being my partner in learning about this whole love & respect in the ways God intended. I love you, but mostly, I respect you & the man of God that you are, leading our family as He would have it. I know we don’t have it all figured out, but I love learning what God has to teach us with you by my side. I love following your lead. I admire the passion you have for the Word. Happy [Six year] Aniversary, Tom. (And our boys seriously could not have a better father, but I’ll save all of that mushiness for in 2 weeks ;-) )


Shopping small – via Etsy

Several of you have asked for my Etsy shop  :

It’s currently undergoing some changes – it will be up and fully operating mid-June!!!! 

I will be sharing about our craft fair (this weekend) sometime end of next week!!! We will take inventory & then start posting listings! I’m so excited about this fresh start for :)

My Mother-in-law -in-love, Sallie,  & I have been busy making necklaces, [fabric covered button] earrings, [no pull/crease] hair ties, hair pins, & pillow covers!

31 Days of Scripture – a #lampandlight challenge


Galatians 5:14 – Love your neighbor.  Even if you don’t like them, we are still called to love them. Love is a choice, not just in marriage,  but in all relationships. Love your neighbor. … Maybe someone is in need of a contagious smile, or and encouraging word. Be the light today, show love & compassion. Be aware of your attitude & demeanor. I challenge you to love like Jesus today. #lampandlight #31daysofScripture #bygracethewallaces

For more information on this challenge,  visit .

I probably won’t post here everyday, I will try to,  but realistically, odds are I wont. So please feel free to follow me on Instagram: @pastortomswife .

31 Days of Scripture


I will be joining Kristin Schmucker during the month of May for a “31 Days of Scripture Challenge” on instagram. #lampandlight #31daysofScripture #bygracethewallaces

A daily challenge for getting in the Word.

Need suggestions on where to start? Kristin has a great post on that here.

I’ve started a little early… Here are examples:





I hope you will join us!!!

Be sure to use #lampandlight & #31daysofScripture !

What’s this crazy essential oil thing!?!?

So you’re wondering what this essential oil thing is all about, and will it help you?

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